Ruby On Rails Development Mumbai

To develop a site with Ruby on Rails

Your solution can look and behave in different ways, but Ruby on Rails (RoR) really simplifies creation of sleek, cute and simple Web 2.0 design. We use RoR for developing full-featured, rich web applications.

Creating your RoR application with Dakshasoft will give you the following benefits:

  • Ease of use and simplicity
  • Cross-browser AJAX-based usability features (like auto complete fields, drag-and-drop, in-place editing, etc.)
  • Standards compliant HTML
  • Tags, RSS, easy collaboration

RoR is a full-stack open source framework, so it does not require additional libraries and frameworks for flexible database access, mailing, AJAX, etc. In fact, RoR uses separate libraries with established reputation, for example, Prototype,, and ActiveRecord. These parts are diligently integrated, so developers do not waste time combining different frameworks and libraries. Ruby and RoR have a rather big code base, freely distributed as gems (Ruby components) and plugins (RoR components).

Test-driven development is one of the major parts of RoR. The fact that it’s built right in is fantastic, and RoR apps are generally much easier to maintain than they would have been without this support.

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